Fall Renewal

September is a perfect time for new beginnings and renewal of commitments made.  Rather than focusing on a specific “goal” this fall, I plan to renew commitment to my 2009 theme of “Relentless Self-Care”  (my 2009 theme I sadly forgot about in the busyness of my year to date).  Part of that  renewed commitment to my theme will be to buy myself a new journal and rolling ball fine marker (I am a stationary supply addict after all) and then get journalling  about what “Relentless Self-Care” really means to me. I am imagining it has a lot to do with figuring out some ways to give myself time to think, and to simply “BE”, in the context of my overcommitted schedule. 

How will you renew yourself this fall?  What will that renewal bring you? Comment here!


2 responses to “Fall Renewal

  1. I remember the smell of new text books and I still buy a new book to read in the fall because of that good feeing of new pages and print smell. It has become a tradition in our family to purchase a new book on the September long weekend. Where music is concerned, it is time for new music, and new goals.

  2. September is not only the beginning of a new school year for me but the beginning of a new birth year. So as I see the tail of the old year sneak out the door I am faced with the beginning of this new year. Think of it that way and everyday becomes the beginning of a new year:-)

    So as kids go back to school possibility for yoga comes in and looking forward to reinstating MY TIME which is where I play: do my writing, as opposed to all the editing, and submitting and reading and launching and mothering and studying, and house-ing?:-)

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