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I am so DONE with 2013…or am I?

iStock_000014099122XSmallIt’s unanimous. Everyone I have spoken to over the past month has said that 2013 was a year of incredible challenge – and they, like me,  are ready to leave it behind and get on with 2014.  Serious illnesses, deaths, business challenges, long-time relationship breakups and personal hardships – 2013 held them all.

However, before we rush headlong into our new year of possibilities, we need to complete the year that passed. Recapping, reflecting  and completing 2013 will release the energy of the past year and give us the space to fully embrace and move into our best 2014.

I have created a 2013 Personal Reflection Guide to help you complete and let go your 2013. Click to download your  2013 Personal Reflection Guide  I know you will feel lighter and have more mental bandwidth to begin planning your magnificent 2014.

Happy New Year!


Jan Carley, Professional Certified Executive Coach



Your Spring Tune Up – in 5 Easy Steps

Spring is here and as we tune up our bikes, it’s a great time to look at tuning up our lives.  Read the feature article in my latest e-newsletter and get your life running smoothly.

Jan being crazy on her bike

3rd Edition on sale! Now with a Bonus 50-page Action Guide

book 3rd edition bestsizeI am thrilled to announce that the 3rd edition of my popular book, Harmony from the  Inside Out, is now on sale and comes with a Bonus 50-page Action Guide pdf Download that contains new material and more exercises!   If you purchased an earlier edition of the book, or the Kindle version, you can Click here to get access the Free Action Guide Book Supplement download.  

Read the full Media Release by clicking here.  If you live in Vancouver, BC, Harmony from the Inside Out is now available at Book Warehouse, 632 West Broadway. Order online before Dec. 10th to ensure pre-Christmas delivery in North America!

Happy Holidays!

signatureJan Carley, your Possibility Coach

It’s time to invest in yourself! Why wait for 2012? Tele-Boot Camp starts Nov. 14th

Harmony by the Indian Ocean (photo: Kali Caramia)

Fabulous women from around the world will be gathering on the telephone, on Skype and on the Web on Monday nights from Nov. 14 – Dec 5th to re-boot their lives and set up their best year yet.  My Harmony from the Inside Out Tele-Boot Camp is a super-fun, content-rich, 4 week group tele-course that is guaranteed to kickstart your greatest life possibilities. 

Why wait for January 1st to think about the shifts you want to make in your life? 

Start setting up your brilliant 2012  in Nov. and take the crazy pressure off January!  


(oh – an no worries if you can’t attend a call LIVE…the mp3 recording is made available to you the next day)


Jan Carley, Professional Certified Coach

Welcome to the Happy Bathroom

I was recently traveling home to Vancouver from the Delta Airlines South Terminal at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International airport after a blistering high-paced and stunning two weeks of personal and group successes.
As I went into the bathroom before passing through security, feeling rather spent, and with my mind preoccupied with the amount of work I had to do when I got home and the long flight looming ahead of me, I was unexpectedly greeted with a huge grin by the bathroom attendant and an effusive “Welcome to the Happy Bathroom”.  She went on to cheerily say in her sing-songy voice: “This is the Happy Bathroom. Happy when you come in. Happy when you leave. Happy on your flight”. 
I couldn’t help but chuckle – and as I went about my business, I heard her address every single person who came into the bathroom in a similar way. She wasn’t asking for tips, she wasn’t asking for anything. She simply was giving of herself to make people’s days brighter. 
As I washed my hands I observed how the attendant changed, one by one, the outward presence of every single person who entered the bathroom. I marvelled at her joy-filled countenance which she maintained while doing what might possibly be considered one of the worst jobs at the airport. I was blown away by the way she consistently and so very simply was spreading joy. 
I wondered ” How do I show up in this world”?  “How do I walk down the street?”  “How did I walk into the airport bathroom?”  Life is a matter of attitude, and the attitude we adopt daily is our choice.   I started thinking about what attitude I could consistently adopt to have a similar positive impact.
Weeks later, I am still thinking about that woman and about the many lives she touched and turned around in one day by her simple, joyous, heartfelt greeting, “Welcome to the happy bathroom”. 
Thank you to my happy bathroom attendant.  Not only did you set up my positive mood to embrace my 7 hour flight, but you also reminded me of a very simple life lesson:
“Life is an echo: What you send out, you get back. What you give, you receive. When you bring out the best in others, you bring out the best in yourself. “ – Anonymous

What gives you energy?

Many of my clients are feeling an unusual “energy drain” as we head into summer. I say “unusual”, because generally when the sun finally shines here in rainy Vancouver, we switch  into high-energy holiday mode.  Upon examination, I discovered that my clients energy “In-flow” valves were tightly closed and no energy was flowing to them, nothing was “feeding” them energy.  Their energy “Out-flow” was very active and they were giving plenty of energy out to other people and other activities, but not enough was “in-flowing” to adequately replenish their reserves.  Result:  Energy Drain

It is critical to keep your “Energy In-flow”  valve wide open and ensuring your energy reserves are replenished with regular frequency.  Choose people and activities that can give you an injection of energy.  That might mean 15 minutes a day in quiet meditation , a frolic in the park with Fido, a bike ride on the seawall with a good friend or perhaps curling up with an inspirational book in the shade of the old oak tree. 

For me, watering my new vegetable garden and marvelling at the beautiful new green shoots that are springing up daily injects a zap of energy into my “in-flow” bank in an instant.  What feeds you?   Comment here!

Download your ENERGY AWARENESS GRID here and find out how your energy “In-flows” and “out-flows”  balance each other.

Read the full article from my July ezine  “Energy Drained? Adjust your “in-flow”   (click here)