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I am so DONE with 2013…or am I?

iStock_000014099122XSmallIt’s unanimous. Everyone I have spoken to over the past month has said that 2013 was a year of incredible challenge – and they, like me,  are ready to leave it behind and get on with 2014.  Serious illnesses, deaths, business challenges, long-time relationship breakups and personal hardships – 2013 held them all.

However, before we rush headlong into our new year of possibilities, we need to complete the year that passed. Recapping, reflecting  and completing 2013 will release the energy of the past year and give us the space to fully embrace and move into our best 2014.

I have created a 2013 Personal Reflection Guide to help you complete and let go your 2013. Click to download your  2013 Personal Reflection Guide  I know you will feel lighter and have more mental bandwidth to begin planning your magnificent 2014.

Happy New Year!


Jan Carley, Professional Certified Executive Coach



3rd Edition on sale! Now with a Bonus 50-page Action Guide

book 3rd edition bestsizeI am thrilled to announce that the 3rd edition of my popular book, Harmony from the  Inside Out, is now on sale and comes with a Bonus 50-page Action Guide pdf Download that contains new material and more exercises!   If you purchased an earlier edition of the book, or the Kindle version, you can Click here to get access the Free Action Guide Book Supplement download.  

Read the full Media Release by clicking here.  If you live in Vancouver, BC, Harmony from the Inside Out is now available at Book Warehouse, 632 West Broadway. Order online before Dec. 10th to ensure pre-Christmas delivery in North America!

Happy Holidays!

signatureJan Carley, your Possibility Coach

2012 Goals off track already? Listen to my podcast to make sure you haven’t missed the HAIRY factor

It’s Feb. 14th – how are ya doing with all of those goals you set at the beginning of the year?  hmmmm I thought so  😦     Well, I want to help!

Have a listen to my 3 min. podcast for the one essential ingredient to successful goal setting that you may have missed!

Need more support?  Enroll in my Rock your 2012 6 week online intensive.

To your success!

Jan Carley, your Possibility Coach

My “Do” nothing January

I am not sure what it is about January. I have written about it, talked about it, analyzed it and still, the month gets away from me.  When I came up with the concept of “starting the New Year in February” a couple of years ago, the response from my readers was overwhelmingly positive.  “Oh thank heavens, Jan, now I don’t feel guilty for slacking off in January”,  “Thanks – now I can actually catch my breath after a crazy December”…Yeah, I feel that way too!  

According to my timeline, we still have another couple of weeks to  consciously and strategically plan 2012 before we get into full-blown action.  I, for one, am going to continue Reflecting & Dreaming  – and be really intentional about how I want to set up my ‘official’ New Year. Won’t you chill with me, stay in your own R & D phase,  and release the frantic need to “DO” for the next couple of weeks? 

Is that too “woo-woo”  for you? Do you need some tools to give y our R & D phase some structure?  You may have missed my ROCK YOUR 2012! Teleseminar on Jan. 12th but the good news is, you can still get access to  and download the mp3 replay recording and the 18 page Planning Guide.    Work through the guide while listening to the recording and you will set yourself up for a rockin’ 2012. Click here to get access to the free materials    (oh – and I should mention, there is a super dooper BONUS offer that I announced on the teleseminar – if you sign up for the mp3 and guide download, you will be eligible to get a 2 for 1 price for my upcoming Harmony from the Inside Out Teleboot Camp which begins Jan. 25th.) 

Happy Feb 1st New Year!

Jan Carley, Professional Certified Coach

It’s time to invest in yourself! Why wait for 2012? Tele-Boot Camp starts Nov. 14th

Harmony by the Indian Ocean (photo: Kali Caramia)

Fabulous women from around the world will be gathering on the telephone, on Skype and on the Web on Monday nights from Nov. 14 – Dec 5th to re-boot their lives and set up their best year yet.  My Harmony from the Inside Out Tele-Boot Camp is a super-fun, content-rich, 4 week group tele-course that is guaranteed to kickstart your greatest life possibilities. 

Why wait for January 1st to think about the shifts you want to make in your life? 

Start setting up your brilliant 2012  in Nov. and take the crazy pressure off January!  


(oh – an no worries if you can’t attend a call LIVE…the mp3 recording is made available to you the next day)


Jan Carley, Professional Certified Coach

There’s no such thing as Work/Life Balance

When we think of “balance”, most of us visualize an image of a scale with two weights. Someone, somewhere (and I am gonna hunt them down) coined the kooky phrase “work-life balance” suggesting that one side of that scale is work, one side is life. Oh, it makes me crazy to even to write that.  Really – you mean there is WORK and then there is LIFE? Separate from work? Considering that for most of us 1/2 of our waking hours are spent working, that is a very sad concept.  

Joan Gurvis, co-author of FINDING YOUR BALANCE (Center for Creative Leadership wrote “Balance is not a matter of managing your time or giving equal effort to two opposing sides; it is about aligning your behaviour with what you believe is really important to you. When our lives don’t reflect our values, we feel that inconsistency as a measure of imbalance.”

In a nutshell, instead of balance being a measure of work/life, it is really about getting clear about what matters to you and then making the conscious choice to align your actions and activities with those priorities. Imbalance happens when you are not aligned. Simple eh?

Over-focusing in one area of your life is not an issue if it is aligned with your values and what you want for your life. The stress, incongruence and unhappiness come if that imbalance tilts you into a place that is not connected to your core essence. For example – my priority right now is in getting my coaching business flourishing – yes, I work 7 days a week, several hours per day. An outsider might look at this in our old balance paradigm and say I am out of balance. However, since I am absolutely doing what I believe is most important to me right now in my life, I do not in any way have the disquieting feeling that comes from being out of balance.

Finding your perfect balancing place will be an ever-changing journey that you will shift with and constantly reevaluate. Throw away the old limiting concept of the balancing scales with work on one side and life on the other. Instead, look at your entire life in the context of what is important to you, what fits with your values and what connects with your core essence.

Now, that is balance!

Jan Carley

ps/ find your unique balancing place by enrolling in my Harmony from the Inside Out Tele-Boot Camp   (Nov.14-Dec.5)

Redefining Success

I recently had the honour of keynoting at and emceeing the Western Canada Professional Coaches Conference in Canmore, Alberta.  The theme of the conference was “Redefining Success” and the speakers were stellar.  Author and coach, Andrea Lee provocatively challenged our success models as coaches and closing keynote speaker, Robert Holden, went to the very heart of what creates success, speaking from his popular book, Success Intelligence

The dictionary definitions of success seem woefully inadequate…so here’s a few more I came up with.  

Success: “When you feel truly at peace inside, with the joy and contentment of knowing you have made a contribution to this world.” 

Success: “When you risk the harsh tongue of critics and thrive in the telling of the tale.” 

Success: “When you go past your own self -imposed limitations and feel like flying.”

What is your definition of success? I would love to read your comments!

To your success I toast!


Jan Carley